Weatherall Design


Design and the craft of building are joined at Weatherall Design.  Bob began his career as a carpenter, and views all projects with a carpenter’s eye for craftsmanship, beauty, and detail. 

Sustainable building means, at heart, making buildings that last; buildings that are carefully built and loved by their occupants and by the communities of which those buildings are a part.  With a passion for wood, a carpenter’s pride, and a commitment to working at the highest standards, Weatherall Design aspires to create buildings that in turn will last centuries and be loved. 

In ancient Greek the word Arkhitekton means master builder.  It is only within the last few generations that it has become accepted practice that the design of buildings and the construction of them should be done by separate trades.  At Weatherall Design the skills are reunified, the word returns to its ancient roots.


                           ...where design and construction are joined